Building the Flower Stand

Earlier this year, when I decided to open a flower stand at our home, my husband got to work building a small stand using mostly what we already had on hand. I tend to hoard things like antique doors and windows and scrap wood so we were able to build the entire thing from what we had on hand, except for the wood used to build the shelf. Good thing, too, since the price of wood went up so high and even sourcing building materials has been iffy this year.

I'm a little late in sharing, but better late than never. Here is the process we used to build our little stand.

Step 1

Now, neither I nor my husband are expert craftspeople. Nine times out of ten, we are figuring things out as we go, consulting good old Google, watching Youtube how-to videos, and maybe arguing a tad while we build whatever it is we're working on. This was no different. We started by sinking two posts a few feet into the ground as an anchor. And then we attached three wood pieces horizontally to the backs of these three vintage, solid wood doors. We then screwed the doors into the posts. (The posts are hidden on the back side of the stand.) That gave us our back wall of the stand.

Step 2

Next we attached two doors as sides by screwing them to the back wall. We also used stakes at the front of these side doors and screwed them to that in order to keep things square.

Step 3

My brother-in-law stepped in to help with these next parts. They attached a top header piece of wood. That actually helped give the structure more stability, but also acted as a place to add wedge shaped pieces in order to add the roof.

Step 5

After adding the wedge shaped wood pieces (in order to give the roof a little slant so that water will run off properly), they started adding the roofing material. We had this left over from our pergola/patio we added last year. It is mostly clear, but does filter some UV light out.

Step 6

Hubby cut a 2x4 to make a bracket to hold the shelf. I then primed and painted the entire thing with Glidden Barn and Fence paint in white.

Then we added the finishing touches. Jared made to little picket sections from some antique pickets that were given to me by my friend, Chrissy. Then I added concrete pavers and landscaped in front of the pickets and called it done!

I have absolutely loved having the flower stand! I've met new people, fellow flower lovers like me, and it has been such a blessing. I took a break from stocking the stand in August, but the stand will be stocked with fresh, in-season blooms this Friday, September third starting at 7am.


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